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Meet your Coach!

Fully-certified since 2016, I’ve been successfully seeing clients in the Netherlands while learning Dutch and living in the beautiful city of Amsterdam. 


Over the years my practice has become more focused on a coaching and collaborative approach. I believe in helping clients to become self-empowered and learn what is best for their own bodies.


I believe in the promotion of self-management techniques that work for each individual in the context of their own life. Treatment in that way has no choice but to be individualised. I enjoy the complexities of the human experience and want to walk with you as you're learning a new way to move through or with your pain.

Hi! I'm Christine


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Breaking Free From the Traditional Medical Model....

Truth be told, I have been stuck in the traditional medical model/system. I know deeply what it’s like to want things to be different but feel like they are beyond your reach, not accessible, or out of your control.


Which is why I created this platform... I created it for YOU. Because I know that what the medical system has to offer is just not good enough. Period. Yes, there are some fantastic practitioners in the medical system who make it work, but those are the outliers and not the norm. The medical system, is not designed to care for the individual. It is designed to shuttle the masses through. Rushed appointments times, appointments that take forever to get, specialists who don’t even have time to ask you how you are and then actually listen. Practitioners who are forced to keep appoints short because that's what gets paid for by the insurance companies and nothing more. Practitioners who are so overworked that they can barely take care of themselves, never mind help you. Most practitioners who give a crap in the medical system are drowning and they can’t get out because they need the money to survive. It sucks. It sucks for everyone involved.


I also created this platform to show you that things CAN be different. We don’t have to stay stuck if we don’t want to. Everything we want is available to us if we are willing to stretch ourselves and dare to imagine how it could be different. If we can’t even imagine it, than it can’t become our reality. 

“We are in this stew together. We are caught in the same traps. With a small twist of fate, I could be sitting across from you, and you could be sitting across from me—both of us in opposite roles. Your problems are a special opportunity for you to learn and for me to learn. We are not cut from different cloths, but rather from the same cloth.”

 - Steven C. Hayes (founder of ACT)

Born and Raised in Toronto, Canada

I was born & Raised in Toronto, Canada and have been living in Amsterdam since 2012. Living abroad for the last ten years has shaped me in many ways. It's been a long process of reidentifying myself outside of my experience of being Canadian.

Living in Amsterdam since 2012

Living abroad reminds me of any kind of change where things shift and move slowly but then one day you look back and everything is different. I love when I get to help people shift and change sometimes slightly, sometimes massively, neither being better or worse and that moment of looking back together and seeing how far you've come. 

Image by Richard Kidger
Non-Stop to Amsterdam
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In my spare time you can find me working on Pain Geeks.

Pain Geeks is a reading club for anyone interesting in reading more about pain. At pain geeks we emphasize reading widely, from basic science to philosophy. We also look at art, poetry and classic literature, to enhance our understanding of cultural concepts and pain as a part of society. If this sounds interesting to you please check it out. We would love to have you. 

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