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Frequently Asked Question

How does it work?

It's easy. All you need to do is book an appointment through my 'online booking" page. If you are a new patient you must book an 'Physiotherapy Consult'. This is a 45 minute appointment geard towards assessing your issues and formulating a plan of action. If you are experience pain and are in need of some guidance go ahead and book your 1st appointment so we can get started! Click here to go to book a Consult


If you are a returning patient you will need to book a "Physiotherapy Follow-up" appointment. This is a 30 minute appointment. Click here to book a Follow-Up



Will my insurance cover the appointments?

I am a fully registered physiotherapist in the Netherlands working within the guidelines of the Dutch national physiotherapy association (KNGF). However I do not work directly with insurance companies. This means that you are responsible for checking with your own insurance company to see if they will cover online physiotherapy treatments and to what extent. Your insurance company may cover your treatments fully or partially. I recommend that you call your insurance provider to check. 

Do I need a Doctor's Referral?

Physiotherapy in the Netherlands is direct-access care meaning that you do not need a referral to see me. Some insurance companies will ask for a referral depending on your injury. I advise that you call you insurance provider to check what is required.   


Will you be recording my video or audio during treatment?

Absolutely not! I will be making notes and storing them in an online secure software platform for healthcare charting. If you want to learn more about the platform that I use you can check it out here:

You can also read my Privacy Policy to learn more about how I use and store your data. 


How can you assess me or treat me without touching me?

Great question! To learn more about Online Physiotherapy Click Here


How do I pay?

You have 2 options for payment. After booking, I will send you a link to make a payment. You can pay with paypal or direct transfer. I will be sent via email or whatsapp a money request (betaal verzoek). I kindly request that you make the payment with 24 hours. 



What if I can’t make the appointment?

No problem. As long as you cancel 12 hours or more before the appointment there will be no charge. Within 12 hours there will be a charge of 50%. 


How many sessions will I need to book?

There is no set amount of sessions. This is something that we will discuss together during the consult (1st appointment). We will decide together how we want to move forward. I believe in a flexible approach in which intensity of treatment will vary based on your needs and wishes. 


Can we speak Dutch?

Yes! I am fluent in both Dutch and English. 


What is your approach?

I implement something called the “bio-psycho-social” approach. This approach guides me to consider all aspects affecting the person and not just the structures of the body like the muscles, joint and tendons. Pain is more complicated than just damage to your body  and sometimes we need to explore further to understand how to manage the pain and to create a plan that empowers you to move forward in your life. My goal is always to get you back to doing what you love! 


Can I book an appointment with you if I live outside of the Netherlands?

Unfortunately I am only allowed by law to treat patients as a physiotherapist who are residents of the Netherlands. Expats living in the Netherlands are more than welcome!

However, if you are interested if you have a persistent pain condition or have been suffering with pain for more than 3 months you are welcome to book in for a pain coaching session with me. This is a 60 minute 1 on 1 appointment where we explore your individual circumstances and make sense of your pain together. This service is available to clients worldwide!

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